Nature Photography

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Evening drink Mum and calf Evening drink Battle of wills Crossing the river Elephant at water hole Dust up After the mud bath Mud bath Following Mum Elephant eye Swimming across river Silhouettes at dusk Trunks Time for bed Open wide Hippos bathing Hippo headshot Hippo semi-submerged Hippo wallowing Two adult rhino Rhino head on Hippo headshot White rhino and calf Cape Buffalo Can I help you


Time for drinks Junior heads home Shadowing Mum Gentle tug End of the day The herd crossing Powder time

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Elephants (Loxodonta Africana)

Elephant at sunset Muddy tail

Rhinos, Hippos, Buffalo and Giraffe

Hippo yawning Giraffe at sunset Giraffe in the bush Cape Buffalo with oxpeckers Buffalo grazing Oxpeckers on the back of a Buffalo

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